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By:  Sara Scharnitzky

September 16 2019

NEW! Organic Cotton Nursing Tops

Small steps make big change!

My husband Vincent and I own and operate Momzelle. We are so proud to be one of Canada’s leading nursing wear brands. As parents and outdoor enthusiasts, we make efforts in our home to lower our environmental impact. We are working hard to make changes in our business practices to continue those efforts through Momzelle.  The clothing industry has a long way to go on its path to green, but small steps make a difference! 

Here are a few of the ways Momzelle is lowering its impact on the environment:

Organic cotton – In Fall 2019, we introduced 2 of our most  popular styles in organic cotton. We aim to have transitioned all of our cotton products to organic by 2021. This reduces the amount of pesticides in our soil and water.

We are using 60% less plastic now and we will continue cutting our use when possible. We made the choice with our latest collection to not have each shirt individually wrapped in plastic.  The bag your items are shipped in is made of polyethylene and includes up to 30% post-consumer recycled materials. It is recycling #4 and can be recycled in most communities.

Here is our new collection of Organic Cotton!


We do not need one person doing zero waste perfectly.  We need millions doing it imperfectly.
- Anne Marie Bonneau

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