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By:  Sara Scharnitzky

February 09 2012

40 weeks pregnant! Due date distraction.


The waiting game. This is my first pregnancy and I am officially “due”.  This kicking, squirming little being inside is ready to come out, or so they say.

This due date thing has my emotions on a roller coaster.  Suddenly, I’m “post-term”, I’m “overdue”.  Not only does my aching body tell me I’m ready to meet this baby, but my doctor uses phrases that imply I should have already!

I receive weekly pregnancy updates from BabyCenter usually with subject lines like your pregnancy – 40 weeks and this week the subject line was Your baby this week – your newborn.  After three paragraphs of how squishy and adorable my new baby must be it said “Still Pregnant?  If you are like many moms-to-be, your due date may have come and gone without your baby making an appearance yet”.  Exactly!  On average, first time moms go about a week “overdue”. So why am I stressed out?  I’ll tell you…


Yesterday was my 40 weeks doctor’s appointment.  I have discussed thoroughly with my doctor my desire to have a natural birth.  She has been very receptive.  I use words like “accommodating and flexible”, as if I’m surprised that she isn’t trying to force her overly medically trained ideas on me!  Anyway, I really like her and feel comfortable with her.  The appointment wasn’t really surprising.  We had briefly discussed policies on going “overdue”.  At our prenatal classes run by a local doula company, we were told that Montreal had a general policy of inducing at 41 weeks plus 3 days.  They implied that there was little flexibility on this.  My doctor has agreed, compromised really, and given me until 41+5.  Induction booked!

Talk about pressure!  This baby and I now have a deadline.  I’m trying to get a grasp on my hormones and emotions.  This does not have to be bad news.  Obviously the baby may just decide that’s plenty of time to get engaged in the pelvis and kick start this labour.  Artificial labour induction doesn’t have to lead to the cascade of interventions I so often read about.  There are always options and decisions to make.  As long as I am involved in what is going, I can achieve the birth experience I want.  It’s all about perspective!

Meanwhile, I am going to walk, squat, eat spicy food, scrub the kitchen floor, bounce on an exercise ball, have sex, practice relaxation, visualize, eat pineapple and go for a bumpy car ride:)

Did you have an induction booked?  What kind of things did you do to get labour going?


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