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By:  Sara Scharnitzky

January 14 2019

Breastfeeding Affirmations


This is a guest post by Etsy artist, Tanya.

Breastfeeding Affirmations Cards and Coloring Book


Following my first post on Birth Affirmations and colouring, I want to talk about Breastfeeding this time. It was not an easy journey for me to start and sustain breastfeeding. With the self help techniques of using affirmations and art, I am proud to announce that I am a nursing mother for almost 10 months.


There are definitely a lot of other resources that new moms could use: professional help of lactation consultants, online forums, La Leche groups and etc.- I have used it all. However, I found that the most helpful one was my self belief in the ability to breastfeed my baby. By using positive statements, I was tuning my brain into a mode of being confident that my baby was getting enough nourishments from my milk.



Recently I have created two art products on Breastfeeding that I want to share with you.
One is a Set of Breastfeeding Affirmations Cards with images of my watercolor portraits of mom and babies. These 5 Art prints with the text of positive quotes could be used as visual reminders on the wall of nursery or an office decoration of professionals like: lactation consultants, doulas, midwives and nurses.


Some Breastfeeding Affirmations that I have included are:
• I am good at breastfeeding.
• I am making plenty of milk for my baby.
• My body is nourishing my baby perfectly.


My second creation is a Colouring Book of Breastfeeding Affirmations with images of Nursing Women and floral designs. This set of 11 coloring pages is a printable pdf product that will be accessible in few minutes.


It is be a nice activity for both pregnant and nursing women who want to get more confident with breastfeeding. This resource is also relevant for health professionals who want to share helpful tools with new moms.



For Breastfeeding Affirmations Cards Shop on Etsy here.

For Colouring Book Shop on Etsy here.


Wishing all Happy Winter Holidays!



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