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By:  Sara Scharnitzky

March 09 2017

You’ve come this far – Don’t Give it Up Now


This guest post is writting by Jenny Silverstone. She is is just another Mom trying to do her Best. She loves organizing things into lists and helping others find what they are looking for.


Moms who decide to breastfeed can end up feeling a little let down by the process in the beginning — for something so instinctual, it can sure be hard to do right. With incorrect latches, sore nipples and engorgement pain, you can sometimes feel like throwing in the nursing bra and tearing open a can of formula.


And then you look at your baby, who is counting on you to make the best choices. Instead of quitting, what you need is encouragement. Find a mom friend who can guide you through the challenges of breastfeeding and check out MomLovesBest’s infographic that will give you all the reasons you need to continue on your quest to exclusively breastfeed your child.


When writing this article, we combed through so much medical research it made our heads spin, but we found 111 great reasons to breastfeed your baby. Some of those reasons relate to your health, some of them relate to your child’s health. Some of the benefits are economic; some are environmental. But all of them are important in their own way.


There are few decisions you’ll face during parenthood that are as crucial as the breastfeeding issue. Sometimes just having the right data on your side can help you stay on track. So the next time you feel like quitting, read just a couple of those reasons should give you the motivation to keep going. Before long, you’ll be breastfeeding your baby flawlessly.


Remember, you’ve made it through the truly hard part. If you can get through nine months of pregnancy and labor, you can do anything.


The 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding by MomLovesBest.comThe 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding by

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